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Welcome to ChipShippers!

Are you an Online Poker Grinder?

You’ve come to the right spot if you play online poker and are looking for an awesome community to hang out. ChipShippers is a great social enviroment and atmposhere for any poker player and their friends. If your looking to step your game up further on our site make sure you get your own VIP-Profile and get all the benefits of a ChipShippers Subscriber.

Are you a live poker player?

Do not worry, our site is not only for online grinders, but you can also summarize your live results in your individual VIP profile ! In addition, we’ve just added new training content for live poker players, such as how to improve your preparation for live poker sessions.

With our website we want to give you a profile with which you can summarize all your results. And you’re part of our community, you can connect with other players, and even become part of the Twitch team and even Become a Coach . You will also learn how to improve your online poker results using tools , and there are free downloads.

You can give it a try with the 1 month VIP-Profile first, you can expand at any time, no worries !SignUp now !

What Testimonials say about ChipShippers...

The Silver Fox


The great work from Andreas in what he is looking to archieve. I look forward to some of streaming from Andreas

Peter Costa
Ivo Donev

Ivo “Chessmaster” Donev

Andreas has a very interesting site where I find interesting poker stream and Chexi. Keep up the good development

Ivo Donev, Bracelet Winner & GPI Player of the Year Austria 2012

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