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About Us

About ChipShippers

About ChipShippers

The ChipShippers Player Alliance emerged from a group of us staking and working together and just having fun.  Over the years our family has grown significantly.  We now have multiple partners and provide several solutions to poker players that reside in our community and others that we support.

It is our goal through network and innovation to connect our players to some of the most reputable well known brands as well as share our tools and secrets to success so that independently as well as with us our community can grow.

ChipShippers at work (and having fun)

in Kings Casino, Rozvadov, CZ


When I was a kid I played 5-Card Draw poker with my friends just for fun. A few years later, my family organized a home game with other family members and friends. The first few years, we played 5-Card draw every weekend. Then, when the poker boom of 2007 took off, we started playing and learning No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em for the first time. From that moment, I was hooked on poker and I wanted to win every time we played. Of course, I didn’t always come out ahead. In fact, I lost more than I was winning.

Then, on June 10, 2007, my best friend persuaded me to go to a local casino for a live poker tournament and I finished in 3rd place. Throughout the following years, I played in the local tournaments as often as possible. A few tournament victories later, I applied as a dealer at the local casino and worked with them for about two years dealing cards. During this time, I learned a lot about how to read tells and take advantage of players lack of skill.

My online career:

I started playing online poker in 2007 with play money on PokerStars. Then, in 2008, I began to gamble with real money. During that time I was just a little fish and after learning more about poker, the little fish became a shark. The Shark was swimming in the sea in 2009, I began to win more often but was not playing much volume. In 2010, I was grinding more seriously while bringing in profits.

In 2011, my daughter was born and I was unable to play as often as I did in previous years. After a year passed, I noticed changes in the game of poker.

For the next three years I had to make adjustments in my game. Each year I started to improve and regain my form. In 2016, I started to make profits again while playing more volume. That year I played over 1,500 tournaments on PokerStars plus some live events and now I am back on track to reach new heights.

The growth


ChipShippers alongside our partners can and will organize and become a fully functioning e-commerce platform with a full range of products and services. There is no telling what the future will bring to our success as an online poker community and service provider.

Our goal is to keep our collaboration with our players and partners one that is effective and efficient.  Through hard work and relationship building our plan for growth is one that cannot fail.

Here at ChipShippers we deliver professional content that is instructive, informative and revealing. We do our best to concentrate and observe our surroundings before change in order to ensure that all new features and information serves peoples effectively.

Prepare for success


Being a “ChipShipper” means adopting a new mindset and approach.

The skill level of a person in a game is determined not only by knowledge, but also by the understanding of reality and our existence. ChipShippers embodies competitiveness and skill as well as discipline, integrity, optimism, teamwork and desire for improvement. To achieve this understanding, you must be willing to work hard and prepare for success by planning and studying. If the right steps are taken and you are open and willing to learn, success will follow.

Our missionOUR MISSION

ChipShippers is a website through which users are connected to reputable brands in the poker community which will make cooperation more efficient and secure. Our mission is to show how Online poker is still fun and rewarded with new, creative and innovative opportunities, so users can interact with each other and learn together while enjoying the game that we all love!

Our goal is to positively influence the poker community by providing solutions for common exchange problems that are due to lack of knowledge or misunderstandings using our network of affiliates and other related brands occur daily. New Technologies inspire companies to adapt and evolve.

We want to share the opportunities that poker offers today and in the future with individuals.


We try to…

  • To promote collaboration between our members and with brands in the ChipShippers network.
  • Share proven tactics and drive growth in many online communities with a variety of tools, resources and support.
  • Inform the public about the benefits and risks associated with crypto currencies used to play online poker or purchase shares from other players, and how you pay for coaching, merchandise, training and other poker products and services.
  • To support the game of poker and the players in their efforts to make the game recognized worldwide as a competitive sport.

Poker Alliance

The Poker Alliance

If you are a poker lover, your vote could change fate of online poker.  The Poker Alliance needs your help in social media and with legislators.
Help Bring The Fight to big brother and save this sport.

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