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Poker News

Poker News

Poker news

Looking for whats happening on ChipShippers & Within the Poker Community?  The Poker News Section is where you can get the scoop on everything Poker Related.  Our Writers put some time into providing you with a whole bunch of content that will keep you busy and entertained throughout the day.  Like something you see or have an opinion?  Make sure you leave a comment and tell us how you feel.  We love hearing feedback from our community and want to know how you feel about a particular aritcle or poker story you see in this news category.

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Interview with Firoz Kadirbaks

My path to winning a WSOP Championship 2018 (CS = ChipfShippers)

CS: “First of all, congratulations for your first WSOP ring! Let’s talk about it. Did you plan to play in Rotterdam or was it a spontaneous decision?“

F: “It began with the decision to fly to Las Vegas to play, or save the travel expenses and instead play some WSOP Ring Events here in my hometown. As it turned out, the latter was a good decision, (who knows though, maybe I could have won more in Vegas) So, I registered for the following tournaments: € 275 WSOP Circuit Cup – 2 day event € 440 Double Stack – 2 day event € 330 WSOP The Smaller – 1 day event

CS:”So, how was your first event?“

F: “In the first ring event (€ 275), I started good but had a lot of chip stack swings. An the end, I busted before the end of day 1. I made a call, that was probably not the best in theory. With how the game flow was, I called a players ‘all-in’ with about 50 big blinds. I had the nut flush draw, but obviously I missed. It was a critical call. If i fold, I would reach day 2 and live to fight another day, but my feeling was good so I gambled. The feeling was wrong, in that event, but still felt good about how I was playing

CS: “Unlucky. Hopefully, the next event was better?“

F: “In the second event (€ 440), I was playing my ‘A-Game’ throughout day 1. I made day 2 with 24 players left and 12 would make it into the money. The 1st place prize was about € 12,500. On day 2, I started to feel the pressure because I was surrounded by bracelet winners on my table. I didn’t feel comfortable and I put more pressure on myself by sharing with my friends and family who these players were. I was impressed with big names like bracelet winner, Marcel Vonk, (who ended up winning this event). Again, in the end I blew up my stack and busted in 19th, missing the money.“

CS: “Ouch, that’s sick. I know these feelings too, but having these experiences makes us stronger, right ?!”

F: “Of course, and thankfully I had the next two days to recover and get prepared for the last event (€ 330)”

CS: “How did you manage to forget it and move passed this in just two days? Did you do something special ?”

F: “I was thinking about how could I loose myself so much. That i blow up and didn’t play my A-Game. And I didn’t feel good about the last blow up. But the day the last tournament started and I felt blessed that I had another chance. Ut was nice also to have a good pep talk with my mum.“

CS: “Okay, cool! So, what about the last one, the one you shipped?”

F: “I started very bad with a 20k starting stack and soon it was down to just 8k. I hung in there and had to grind it up slowly. I managed to build up an average chip stack or better and maintain it for most of the time. With 27 players left, I was sitting in a bad seat. I was next to a player who final tabled EPT twice, but this time I wasn’t going to blow up. Managing to build a very large stack was my goal, so I stayed very calm. I busted an EPT regular and won in many other spots. On the bubble, I was able to steal a bit and there wasn’t any difficult spots

• On the final table, I managed to avoid any real difficult situations but now it was harder to steal as often because the short stacks could shove at anytime. When the final table got down to 6-handed play, I was able to be aggressive and steal more again. 3-handed got more difficult because now we were all going for the win. There was a short stack who almost made a come back but finally we made it to heads-up. From here, it was an easy game. A few hands after, I was very comfortable and felt confident I was going to win. I already knew I can easily grind it out versus the last player.

• The best part about it all was the fact that my aunt and cousin came to watch me play. It was a very special moment to share with my family. I didn’t want to blow up in front of them so I stayed very focused and managed to take it down and collect my first ever WSOP Championship Ring along with the saucy cash prize that now I can use to travel to Las Vegas with.“

CS: “Nice run, thanks for your time and congratulations, you are now an official ChipShipper!”

F: “Yes, i am. Have a nice day, i had a few awesome days in Rotterdam!”

Another article on pokercity about this event and more poker news

Interview with Melika Razavi

Poker Player ♦ Miss Powerwoman World 2017 Missglobal Iran 2016 Missglobal Fitness 2016, Magician

Poker News: Melika Razavi (thats only a picture, the interview video you can watch above)

Unfortunately the replay of me and Melika playing together on Coinpoker at a dual stream on Twitch  last year disappeared :(

But I hope, we can show you more live dual streams with big names of the poker industry soon.

Updated poker News:

Melika now has her own online poker room ! We will provide you with more details soon, stay tuned !

More poker regarded Podcasts (Poker News, Interviews, Feedback or Live Coverage) will come soon


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