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ChipShipper’s Discord Channel

Join our Discord Channel to talk live and directly with us and other ChipShippers about other topics like staking or talking about hands and discuss your strategy; or find other streamers.

Join now !

Join ChipShippers Discord

What channels you will find at our Discord:

  • #general
  • #who-is-who
  • #announcements
  • #showroom
  • #hand-review
  • #poker-room-review
  • #rail-chat-for-deepruns
  • #shares-of-chipshippers
  • #stakings

#who-is-who is designed to provide your username

If you bought any stakes at #shares-of-chipshippers, you can find live updates at #rail-chat-for-deepruns. All ChipShippers stakings will be absolutely fair without any markup. I have played staked many years before, also with markup. But I didn’t like it… nobody should pay more, than it is worth. The backer has the money, the horse has the time to play or the opportunity, because the horse is living near to a casino or is not restricted to play at specific poker rooms.

Of course I won’t have always the time to chat my plays here while playing, but i will update my backers here with big hands or busts. Most of the updates will be in the breaks. Feel free to hang out there and hype with everyone else in that channel.

If I am streaming my action, what I do every Friday 6pm on Twitch, you can also join the stream and interact with me there live, without any delay.

Discord is perfect to get in deeper contact with the head of ChipShippers and in future we want to have some mods for Discord Chat, so if you are interested to help, contact us.

At #stakings you can talk and discuss about staking each other. Only rule is, this is all between you users. It has nothing to do with ChipShippers. So, if someone is going to be scammed by another user here, ChipShippers won’t to a refund or even care about. This is your risk.

Millions Superstorm 888poker

Millions Superstorm 888poker



Tomorrow: VGN Fight Club
Location: 888poker - Restricted
Tourney for VGN Members that will be covered live at

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⛈ Superstorm Series😱
For 1 month the storm is raging, every day there is a lot of action at the virtual tables! Highlight is the ME on Oct 11th, $1,000,000 GTD. Daily flights to the ME for $ you have what it takes?
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