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Best news first… ALL Downloads are FREE !

We provide you a lot of, easy to use, downloads here, that we used to use for tracking our online poker sessions. Constantly every 3 month we are updating the different sheets for each poker room. Let us explain, what these are for:

Pick and download the sheet of your favourite poker room, that you want to grind and track. In the sheet, you are able to pick from a dropdown menu of tournaments (you can edit the list too, if some tournaments are missing).

There are plenty of formulas behind the table, but they are protected, so you don’t have to worry, you delete some parts of it in accident. Just enter your starting bankroll and track your results and the your actual bankroll will be displayed on the right.

SNG Challenge Sheet:

Download the SNG Challenge Sheet, you will like it. You have full control of every part (but be aware not to overwrite the formulas), and on the right side of the sheet, a chart will be displayed automatically.


This is an example with Chart

In the future

…we will provide you here with stakings sheets too, but these will be only without markup, what we prefer.

Also you can use these sheets and make screenshots of your results and upload a screenshot of it to your VIP-Area profile for example at your image gallery to show your winning moments here at ChipShippers.

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