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Ivo Donev


Ivo Donev – NEW COACH


In addition to my many years as a qualified chess trainer and international chess master, Ivo Donev will also show you the charms of the wonderful game of poker. If you are interested in improving your chess or poker skills, or even learning the first steps, you can contact me at I offer coaching as a service.

I’ve played poker for many years. I learned the rules of the game after 2 minutes and since then I have been working on improving my game every day. This knowledge, which I have collected for over 20 years, I pass on to my students as a coach.

Ivo Donev Individual Coaching is for poker players who are willing to work on themselves through intensive individual training.

In the one-on-one coaching individual weaknesses in the game are worked out, theories are refined and next steps in development are tackled.
Areas of Coaching:

A) Live Poker

– Live tournaments and the most important ideas in NL Holdem
– live cash game

– Live Poker Tells

– On request: Mix Game variants, PLO strategy and tactics

B) Online Poker
– online cash game
– online tournaments
– Poker software and online poker tells

Together we will take your poker game to the next level.
Individual coaching is the perfect tournament preparation for larger events.
Improve your cash game results.
Get to know the thought processes of a professional.

Also he has his own website and he is offering his service as a poker coach directly here on -> HERE <- at and you can buy his book in german language “Die wichtigsten Ideen im Endspiel (The most important ideas in the endgame)” at Amazon.

More informations at wikipedia you can find here too and of course a link to his HendonMob

He won this bracelet at a $1500 Limit Omaha WSOP Event in the year 2000! More informatiosn -> HERE <-

Ivo Donev s Bracelet

Ivo Donev s book

Ivo Donev s book

Ivo Donev s Bracelet

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