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Subscribe to become a ChipShipper and you will get access to whole VGNetwork, and you will find free downloads for our self-made Excel-Sheets to better track your poker sessions or for staking templates.
You can buy now a VIP profile, instead of a membership subsciption plan, because then we know that you are serious about becoming a real ChipShipper.

We can work closely with you to promote your poker streams.

In addition if you are interested in earning money with your streams, you can use our channel, because our channel is already affiliated with Twitch. This way you can get started right away and get bits and donations from your fans. The only requirement is that you have to show our logo in the picture, but you will be happy to do that, because we also support you, visit you in the stream, interact with you and so your followers will grow from stream to stream.

The next step…

…if it goes well and we stream your way, would be you are joining the ChipShippers Stream team. On top of that you can sign up as an affiliate of ChipShippers and our team will grow. So let’s get together and become a ChipShipper now and “Just $hip it” !

Benefits of buying a VIP Profile

  • Custom editable VIP Profile
  • Stream channel will be promoted through our website and social medias
  • VIP’s can become official ChipShipper’s Streamer
  • Free Poker Avatar for VIP’s (in ChipShippers Design)
  • Access to whole VGNetwork Universum ( +

You will get a customized VIP Profile, that you can edit at any time, your design and you can change content in the way that suits you best. It will be your own poker homepage to show your results summarized to your friends, fans or potential backers. In the future, this part will be the most important feature on which we focus to be able to develop it even better for you.

Your Stream channel will be promoted through our Facebook Group, Discord, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. From time to time, you will see me personally visit your stream to interact with you and maybe send you some cheers.

Only as a VIP you are allowed to apply to become an official Streaming Partner at our Streaming Team “ChipShippers”. We would love to build a Squad to stream together in future. Of course then, you will get your own Poker Avatar in ChipShippers design. We are working close together to talk about the design, you like to have for it via Skype, Teamviewer etc.

And of course, you will get access to both big pages, and Both pages are at one network, so all your friends stay, even if you go from one page to another, you can always connect to your friends or backers.

SignUp now !

SignUp now !



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Today it's time for a fight again 👊💥
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