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The Friday Fast & Furious PLO


Team Grinders

Inspired by the fast-paced action of a PLO tournament, Bet&Bit gave me the tournament called The Friday Fast & Furious to show it in my stream as the 2nd table next to the Friday Feast. The Friday Feast has had a guarantee of 75 for some time now, which has been cracked several times. The Friday Fast & Furious starts with a guarantee of 25 with a buy-in of only 1.10, but I’m pretty sure that due to the dynamics of a PLO tournament, this amount will be crushed very fast. During the add-on break you can buy in the 3x starting stack, which is worth 9000 chips. There is also a small difference to the Friday Feast tournament: The blind levels in the Fast & Furious tournament last only 5 minutes instead of 7 minutes as in the Friday Feast NL Holdem tournament. All this together gives a fast-paced mix that will provide a lot of fun and thrill to the virtual felt. So don’t forget to fasten your seatbelt!

Example Marble Races at Bet&Bit Poker Stream


Both tourneys are starting at 6PM EST, but as usual, i will start the Twitch stream at my channel >LINK< about 30min earlier, to play with you a grand prix of Marbles on Stream to raffle an extra ticket to enter the tourneys. First place of the grand prix can choose between a 2.20 ticket to enter the Friday Feast OR a 1.10 ticket to enter the Fast & Furious. That depends for sure, what kind of game you prefer to play.

Also Bet&Bit together with TeamGrinders will raffle a ticket for all players, IF there are playing more than 15 players 5min after the late registration has ended. For more informations about, how this works, click >HERE< All winners will receive their prize as usual between 24 – 72h. But in my opinion, they are sent much faster. As I experienced, the winner of the Raffle is also announced in the table chat by Bet&Bit.

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