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Trails of Fortune Launches on 888poker With Over $500,000 in Giveaways

trails of fortune

Trails of Fortune Image

Trails of Fortune Launches on 888poker With Over $500,000 in Giveaways

Trails of Fortune – Over in their neck of the woods 888poker has an awesome new promotion they are getting ready to run.  If you like high valued poker series on an awesome poker network your definitely in the right spot.

Trails of Fortune is sure to be one of the coolest and most profitable series that we have seen recently on 888poker.  If you played in Galaxy of Freeroll’s get ready to this new hot promotion that is heading your way.  See below for more information!



Getting Started is easy.  There are so many different ways that players can win big.  If your new why don’t you try  scaling the $30,000 888Summit by placing in the Cash Peaks Freerolls.  Another solid way to win some serious cash would be blasting off in the $1,000,000 Blast Game!  There is no limit to a players possibilities on 888poker.  Strap yourself in and get ready for some fun.


Tournament Trek Challenge:

Play poker tournaments – including BLAST – with buy-ins totalling $3.

Rebuys do not count towards the challenge.

Casino Adventure Challenge:

Place bets totalling $5 in casino games.

KQ Cliffside Path Challenge:

Win a hand in cash games – including SNAP – with KQ.

Min. stakes of 2c/5c apply.

Hiker’s Loop Spinner:

Spin our daily Hiker’s Loop for your chance to win awesome prizes including a Trails of Fortune freeroll ticket!


$30,000 888Summit: Climb up our daily $30,000 888Summit – Day 1s to get to the $30,000 weekly prize pool.

Cash Peaks: Play our $1,000 Cash Peaks Freerolls for instant cash prizes EVERY SINGLE DAY of the trail.

BLAST Heights: Win tickets to our explosive $1,000,000 BLAST game with our $1,000 BLAST Heights Freerolls.


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