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Twitch Poker Streams

ChipShippers presents live poker streams on!


We want to connect with anyone who streams online poker worldwide. Contact us via our email address: for more information or if you have any questions or tips for ChipShippers Stream to make it better.

ChipShippers Twitch


You can watch online poker games from various poker sites that are streamed live without any delay. Join live poker streams and follow them to support their efforts.

Teamwork makes the dream a success!
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Poker streaming is a way to let people into your world and connect with a public audience while you broadcast a show for entertainment. It’s also a great way to market yourself and enter the poker world, or just promote a business or an idea.

You can interact with us at our live twitch

streams with many different features, we recently added (and more to come…)

  • Blerp
  • Donations
  • Cheer Bits
  • Face Mask


Viewers can search through millions of sounds to play or trigger sounds live on twitch stream. Create the best moments using sounds and soundboards from


From $1 up to unlimited, you can help with your donations to make the twitch stream better. Actually i am collecting Donations to buy a new cam. With the new cam i will be able to make better greenscreen quality.

Cheer Bits

With Bits you can cheer us live in stream, a message will be showed, and the Bits falling into a Tip Jar. There is a panel to check the Cheering Leaderboard, if you scroll down at my channel

Face Mask

The idea is, that if you tip with Face Mask option, you can put a 3D-mask over my face for a specific time period during live twitch stream. It will be very funny, if you do this at our streams, i bet.