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What’s new here at ChipShippers ?


What’s new here at ChipShippers ?

  • We added 2 new products in the Shop, simply click on the “Marketplace” and search for “Twitch Emotes”, this is the category, where we have these 2 new products.
    • Dumixani 1 Custom Emote
    • Dumixani Pay 2 Get 3 Custom Emotes
  • VGN ChipShippers Freeroll is not anymore in the 888 Lobby, as they skipped my featured game, because of too less new registrations, maybe it will come back in future
  • But hey, check this out: VGN started own poker client games, as you might already know from our networked website
    • In this own poker client, there are 2 new tournaments added in the past few weeks :
  • Poker Events Calender was updated recently (will be updated almost every 1st week of month)
  • New Posts about new 888 Promotions and new freezeout series

Stay tuned and check this post regularly, because here will be the summarize of what we are doing to keep YOU up to date, what’s up to date here 😉

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